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Be enchanted by the magic of the Serendipia, the artistic dance of chance happiness. The painting "Serendipia" from the series "Fiesta de Colores" is a real good luck charm that will give you an unexpected happiness that you were not actively looking for.


For the artist, "Serendipia" was the first brushstroke of this series, bringing the magic of unexpected happiness into the room. This painting embodies the feeling when the universe presents you with a precious treasure that you did not expect.


"I choose to experience random happiness. The best always comes to me and I experience the most beautiful and coolest in the most beautiful places in the world"


"Serendipia" reminds us that happiness is not always found in planned moments, but often comes into our lives unexpectedly and out of the blue. It invites us to be open to the wonderful surprises that life has in store for us.


Bring that sense of random happiness into your home with the Serendipia painting. It reminds you that sometimes it's the unexpected encounters, events and experiences that make us most fulfilling and happy.


  • Be a lucky moment magnet
  • Experience coincidental happiness in all its facets
  • Old patterns of dissatisfaction & shake off boredom


Be inspired by the energy and symbolism of "Serendipia" and open yourself to the magic of unexpected happiness. Get this artistic painting now and let it express in your rooms that you are ready to accept the happiness that you were not actively looking for.


SERENDIPIA // Serendipidy

  • The "Fiesta de Colores" series is an ode to Latin American joie de vivre and was created shortly before the artist's second son was pregnant.

    Inspired by the joie de vivre and lightness of the Spanish language, each painting in the series bears a Spanish term such as "Dulce" and is designed in the bright colors of the Latin American joie de vivre. The pictures are a magnificent decoration for every room and capture the pure love of life with their intense colors. They carry the joy of life noticeably into your rooms. After a long break from painting, the series was created in a real creative flash within a few weeks.

    With these intense colors you can bring pure joie de vivre into your everyday life and turn the day into a masterpiece of ecstasy. "Fiesta de Colores" decorates your rooms expressively and captures the energy and passion of the Spanish language in an impressive way.

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