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The Limited Edition from der Mermaid series  for a limited time! 

"The cuddliest and at the same time warmest premium blankets I have ever experienced!


Constant success with absolute self-confidence



Including absolutely wonderful side effect through den JaycJayARTS bestseller proximity!


"I choose to combine my power to create absolutely grandiose things that fill me with happiness and experience blissful wealth"


  • free from self-doubt
  • Live your self-realization with confidence
  • Combined with the flow, creating one success after another in a relaxed manner


Especially for power women and those who want to become one. For the absolute strengthening of the knowledge "What is the next right step towards happiness!"



Product Information

"I myself have now washed my blankets for the third time and the quality has remained exactly the same. Plus I took a risk and out of laziness each time I simply threw them in the dryer. That also worked great, even if it's not allowed on the label ;-)"


  • from sustainable production
  • without chemical additives
  • washable at 30°
  • Made in Germany

Premium cuddly blanket "Exito"


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